PPC growth could devastate CPC fortunes

Could Canada’s united and national conservative movement go the way of the dodo?
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Who thought this election was a good idea?

Canadians, including the Liberal base, are punishing Trudeau
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I want to give your money to the poor, here’s why

Implementing a negative income tax moves past partisan lines and could be the game-changing policy discussion we need for 2021.
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Leslyn Lewis digital campaign surging past opponents

Leslyn Lewis, who is effectively doubling the virality of her closest competitor, has only spent $300, a decimal point, in comparison to both Mackay and O’Toole.
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Ottawa's lethargic leadership in Covid-19 fight endangers Canada’s health

Throughout this pandemic, the Trudeau government has been slow to make decisions and provide services to protect the Canadian population.
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How the Conservatives can win the next election

The chief barrier for the Conservatives remains in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario.
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